Systems and applications

Confocal microscopy: FLUO SPIN system by Crisel Instruments including Crest Optics X-Light V2 and V3 spinning disk modules
Super resolution microscopy with SIM (Structured Illumination Microscopy) – VCS Crest optics
FLIM e FCS – PicoQuant
STED – 30nm super resolution system – STEDYCON, EXPERT LINE and FACILITY LINE Abberior GmbH (Stefan Hell)
ImageXpress Micro Confocal – High-Content Screening System from Molecular Devices
Ion Imaging
Light sheet microscopy – TILT MIZAR – Cairn Research
Single Molecule Super Resolution
Two-photon in-vivo microscopy
Laser based FRAP GALVO system

Per informazioni lo specialista del prodotto è:

Alessandro Rossi Crisel-Instruments Life Science Division Manager

Alessandro Rossi
Life Science Division Manager
Tel: +39 06 35402933 r.a.



FRAP experiment on HeLa cells expressing an ER membrane-targeted GFP – Courtesy of Pozzan Lab.

Fertilization of a starfish egg

Fertilization of a starfish egg. An overlay of the intracellular calcium increase and sperm incorporation following egg activation. Courtesy of Prof. Luigia Santella, SZN Naples, acquired with Crisel Instruments fluorescence microsc opy system.

Mouse Kidney axial sectioning

Mouse Kidney axial sectioning with spinning disk confocal and VCS Super resolution system

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